Overview: Railway Plant, Binola

BinolaRalway is an IS0 9001: 2016 certified company and is one of the prime supplier of Indian Railway.

At Binola, we manufacture Retention Tank, Underframe, Front part, End wall, Electric Loco Shell, Stainless steel Benches and various assemblies for Zonal Railways and Railway manufacturing units.

The Railway plant at Binola has 4 laser cutting machine; 2 plasma cutting machine; 2 shearing machine; 3 press brake machine; 200+ Mig&Tig welding sets; power press and can handle up-to 60T material with our material handling facility

Details of the Facilities:

What we manufacture:

  • Retention Tank
  • Front Part
  • End Wall
  • Benches
  • Under Frame
  • Electric Loco Sub Assembly
  • Damper

Land Area in acres: 18.76 Acres (Total)

Covered area in Acers: 5 Acres (Approx.) Total Employee in Binola: 90

Employee Engagement at Binola

Over the last few years, the HR team of Railway plant, Binola went through significant transformation as it attempted to streamline the HR processes with the guidance and help of the Corporate HR Team. Our first goal was to initiate the employee satisfaction survey where we got some hitting areas like employee welfare, training and development & PMS.

Thereafter, we launched the Goal Setting Interactive Process for defining the KRAs of each employee at the plant which to be align with the organisational goals. We also launched Plant Head Communication which gives updates on Safety, Business, production, Quality analysis & best HR practices to employees on monthly basis We also launched the HR Help Desk on shop floor level to give feeling of “HR4U” to our employees.

The team of OMAX work relentless to keep the environment green and healthy. Last year, in our plant, we have planted over 7000 tress and do our bit in trying to protect the environemnt.