Commercial Vehicle


Chassis Assembly

The main functions of a frame in motor vehicles are: To support the vehicle's mechanical components and body. To deal with static and dynamic loads, without undue deflection or distortion. It is the backbone of vehicle on which total load of vehicle is applied.

Cross members

A cross member is a structural section that is bolted across the underside of a monocoque / unibody motor vehicle, to support the internal combustion engine and / or transmission.


The purpose of bumpers is to reduce or prevent physical damage to the front and rear of vehicles in low-speed crashes. The bumpers are designed to protect the hood, trunk, grill, fuel, exhaust and cooling system. A bumper is a shield that is usually made of steel. It absorbs shocks from accidents. The standard requires protection in the region 16 to 20 inches above the road surface

Cross Car Beam Sub Assembly

Cross car beams are complex parts, which make a decisive contribution to the stability and safety of every vehicle in which they are used. As a single cross strut in the vehicle interior they ensure that, in the event of a side impact, the passenger compartment is not compressed.

Fender Support Bracket

Fender Support Bracket provides support to fenders. The bracket is mounted over the truck frame and is being supported by fasteners. It is usually made of steel Tubes and Sheets and absorbs shocks from jerks and prevents the damages to fenders.

Holding Bracket for Number Plate

The holding bracket of the number plate is a much needed protection for your vehicle’s number plate, This frame Protects your vehicle Number Plates with any kind of damage.

Holding Bracket for rear Tail Light

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Rear Cross Member

This component supports and connects the undercarriage and drive system parts on the rear with the vehicle body. The main role of this components is to determine the tire positions and to absorb shocks from the road surface.

Side Rails

Truck frames and side rails are the basic ingredients to manufacturing a commercial vehicle. It consists of two symmetrical side rails, running the length of the vehicle, and several transverse cross-members connecting them.

Side rails support vertical and side loads such as engine, transmission, fuel tanks, battery boxes, suspensions, bodies, work equipment, and cargo whereas cross members provide torsional rigidity and support components such as the engine, transmission, and radiator.

Sub Structure

The sub structure is the base of the cabin in a truck where the driver is seated. Sub Structure is welded in a tubular form and steel tubes and steel sheet are used to build the sub structure. Now-a-days modern truck cabs also feature air conditioning, sound system and ergonomic seats with air suspension.