Overview: Lucknow Plant

We have our core business with Tata Motor Limited, Lucknow, located in Tata vendor park.We manufacture Chassis Frame for Heavy & Medium CV, the back bone of trucks that requires highly skilled resources. We have an installed capacity of producing 12000 frames per month. Last year we produced 66000 frames. Being a large size component, we are the Just-In-Time supplier to Tata Motors. We are proud to say that every 10 min we supply parts in given sequence.

We engage over 600 work force to convert child parts into FG. To support our business we have long supplier base of 40 suppliers, both local & out stations.

Details of Plant Facility

What we manufacture:


  • Truck Frame
  • Engine Cross Member
  • Kit Assembly



  • Truck Frame
  • Engine Cross Member
  • Kit Assembly

Total Manpower (including workers): 349

Employee Engagement

At OMAX, we believe in achieving excellence through our Human Capital i.e.” OMAXIANS” whom we all at OMAX firmly believes are the true partner for the Transformation of OMAX. HR at OMAX do so by nurturing their capabilities to the fullest potential by providing them opportunities to explore their knowledge & skills.

Some of the important programs which help in enhancing knowledge and skills in the Lucknow plants are Plant Head Communication, Town Hall, Reward & Recognition, Glass Wall Meeting, and Goal setting Interactive process for defining of Individual KRA which help individual to meet the organization Goal, Earn &Learn Scheme for NEEM Trainees and Vison 95 % for Manufacturing Excellence to meet the customer guidelines.

We at OMAX are committed to transform OMAX as a value based organization by making the “Core Values & Business Intent” as Way of Life.

We abide by the theme of the year “Raise the Bar” and continually at personal & professional level strive to “Raise the Bar” in whatever activities we do.