Corporate social responsibility

We believe in uplifting the society with greater roles and responsibilities that are both economically and socially beneficial for the society.

We have been associated with CSR activities for the last 30 years in an effort to enrich and provide sustainable solutions to social issues.

Our first initiative was with Agewell Foundation, wherein OMAX helped in reaching needy and old people in Trilokpuri area of Delhi, and gifted them a wheelchair. It has made a qualitative difference in the life of these old people, and they have become independent despite their incapability to move around.

Our one of the important initiatives was with JANTA REHABILITATION TRAINING CENTRE FOR THE VISUALLY HANDICAPPED in Gurgaon. Under this association OMAX encouraged and empowered the visually challenged adults to be independent and live a decent life with dignity through various learning and skilling programmes. it was quite a refreshing experience for everyone wherein they bonded with the students and saw that there was no dearth of talent amongst them.