Railways & Heavy Fabrication



The roof of the LHB coaches have a length of 23.54 meter and a width of 3.24 meter. It has a higher passenger capacity as compared to conventional rakes and is covered with curved portions called the carline on both ends. It is fitted with AC unit cut out and has corrugated sheet of 18 Mtr in middle & curved sheets on either end. The Roof is made up of austenitic steel (SS 304) & Ferritic steel (SS 409M) of 1.25 mm & 2 mm thickness & weighs approximately 771 Kg

Side Wall

The side walls are two longitudinal lengths of a coach supported with fabricated frames on inner side. The surface finish of the side wall is obtained by robotic spot welding. The side wall consists of three part of 18.5 Mtr, 1.5 Mtr and 1.5 Mtr length and is made up of ferritic (SS 409M) steel and weighs approximately 2.4 Ton with size of 18.5 Mtr x 2.5 Mtr.


The base of a coach is supported on bogie frames at bottom & holds coach shell on top with passenger amenities, toilets etc. Allied fittings like water tank, battery box, braking systems are fixed to bottom with center buffer coupler at both ends. The fabricated structure is approximately 23 Mtr long & 3 Mtr wide and weighs about 4.5 Tonnes. The structure is made up of Corten A, SS 304 & SS 409M grade of steels.

Bogie Frame

The bogie frame is an important and integral member of bogie in ICF rail coach. The bogie in coach constructionplays a vital part since factors like safety; speed andcomfort mainly depend on the bogie on which the coachbody is loosely mounted. The main purpose of the bogieframe is to withstand and/or transfer vertical loads of thesuperstructure with payload, lateral forces caused due tonegotiating the curves and interaction between rail andwheel and longitudinal force due to drafting of the coachby the engine.

Dampers – Vertical and Horizontal

There are different types of damper being used in HS Train, LHB Bogies like Primary vertical, secondary vertical, Secondary Lateral damper, Yaw Damper and Secondary vertical GS. These dampers are robust in design and Bi flow twin tube valves are reliable, convenient and robust in design. Strong and robust construction forged bottom attachment, top attachment induction hardened and hard chrome plated piston rod.

Stainless steel benches

Stainless Steel benches are low maintenance, durable and ergonomically designed. Constructed from high quality, rust-free, Grade 304 stainless steel, these benches and seats are designed to be strong. The stainless steel is a stylish, rust-free material, providing a productive solution to ensure comfort for the user, whilst providing a pleasant look and feel to the immediate surroundings.

Bio- Toilets

There are two types of Bio-toilets- Indian and Western. The system uses 90% less water as compared to traditional toilets. Maintenance free electro- pneumatic water pressurizer helps to clean the pan effectively and efficiently in just 700ml of water. S-trap has been provided which ensures an efficient seal between bio-digester tank and lavatory system so that no foul smell enters inside the compartment. Air consumption is very less and the system is ready to use again within 60 sec. In case of no power the system works like traditional toilets by using manual push button.

Electric Loco Shell

Electric Loco Complete shell accommodate all electrical items including transformer, rectifier, Drive arrangement etc. It comprises of 2 Driver cabin, Side Wall, Roof & Underframe along with piping line, draft gear etc. The fabricated structure is approximately 21 Mtr long & 3 Mtr wide weighs 50 Ton. The structure is made up of Corten A, IS:2062 – E250 & SS 304 grade of steels.

Diesel locomotive

A diesel locomotive generates its own power using an on board diesel engine. The mechanical power is converted to electrical power using an alternator and is fed to traction motors attached to the wheels. Many diesel locomotives can be coupled together and run by a single crew. They can also be operated without physical coupling through the use of distributed power system. To save fuel even as they idle features like the Auxiliary power unit is fitted on these locos which cuts in automatically. These locomotives are based on various sheds and thus we see the different colour schemes.