Core Values and Business Intent

Trust = quality time spent + self credibility
  • How much time is enough? Could be a day, a week or a year… depends to the openness and willingness of the 2 people involved
  • Self credibility: My credibility in my own eyes
  • Helping someone when the person needs it builds trust
Compassion & Caring
  • Being able to walk in another person’s shoes; Having empathy.
  • Having empathy requires you to accept the other person (both strengths and shortcomings) which in turn requires you to first start accepting yourself. Until you are not compassionate towards your own self at an intent level , you cannot be compassionate towards others.
Creating a Seeking Environment for continuous self-improvement

First step is to be comfortable saying “ I don’t know” , then seeking to explore
It means being in control of your EGO. Not letting it drive your decision making
Trying to build a learning organization ,an organization in which all people are constantly seeking knowledge and not hoarding what they already know
Big Fish in a small lake example. I know everything is a result of lack of exposure and a feeling of inadequacy within

You only seek from someone:
Who has knowledge
You trust (02 way)
You believe he cares about you

Transparency and Integrity
  • Intent behind a particular action has malice towards the company or stakeholders
  • Telling a lie/mis-statement/being silent for a personal gain or benefit
Encourage and believe in each other`s ability.
  • Instil into people belief to perform beyond their own capabilities.
  • Embracing the other people`s strength and seeing how they can be leveraged for growth while trying to find how to cover there weakness
  • Creating small wins to build confidence of the other person. Appreciate and reward small wins. This is the job of a boss , not to pad up himself or to sit on the side lines and criticize, but to achieve a fine balance between the 2 and create small wins.