Overview: Bangalore Plant

In process of aligning with advancing technologies, we at OMAX are trying to adopt few in our processes through High Speed Automated High Precision Machining manufacturing line for manufacturing of axle shafts, Robot welding machines deployment and so on. While business is our source of work, Safety & Quality is pillars to achieve the business. Hence, our major focus is to bring Safe working culture in our location through various safety devices implementation, awareness programs, fulfilling basic requirements. Keeping the Quality as paramount for customer satisfaction, our plant objectives and activities drive our quality initiatives and system implementations. Various Lean tools are practiced to achieve our Operational Excellence objectives on PQCDSM. Policy Deployment is implemented at all levels to achieve Business Objectives and our Business intent.

Details of Plant Facility

What we manufacture:

  • Machine Shop: Axle Shafts and Steering Shafts
  • Press Shop: Drying & Distribution Unit, Oil Pan, Cylinder Cover, Front & Rear Housing, Bracket assembly, Protector Fuel tube, Bracket reinforcement
  • Weld Shop: Wishbone, Foot Rest, Lateral Stand, Cross RR Tube, Steering tube, Mian frame tube, Rebound Bumper, Stirr Up, Bracket with IP, Fender bracket, Supporting Tube.

The plant is catering parts to various segments like 2W, PC and CV. OMAX Bangalore plant is specialized in Manufacturing of Precision machining components like Axle & Steering shafts, Sheet Metal Stamping & welding process, Tubular bending & Welding process and various surface treatments like powder coating, painting, plating etc.,

Land Area in acres: 6.0 acres

Covered area in Acres: 3.75 acres

Employee Engagement
  • As core asset of organization, OMAX people are engaged in various activities for fostering team work, developing creativity, cultivating Open communication environment, Ownership through – Games, sports, Festivals, celebrations, continual improvement projects, forums for grievance handling, communication forums, safety committees and continually improving the engagement activities timely.
  • Goal settings and Performance management reviews are conducted.
  • Project Ganesha systems implemented to improve the knowledge and skill of the Operating workforce.
  • Plant Leadership Conclaves along with Customer as guest are conducted to interact with leadership team and customers.